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More about LUMI TEST

Lumi Test is an objective clinical evaluation system that offers patients the three P’s – Personalized, Precise, Prescriptions. This simple yet scientific objective procedure which involves the vital signs, reflexes, and urine, saliva, and blood parameters, will review the underlying fundamental metabolic functions that govern a person’s suffering, pain, or disease. There are no health problems that does not involve some form of metabolic imbalance. Therefore, this focus on metabolic balancing makes Lumi Testing a valuable clinical tool in universal application and biological individually. With this test, you are able to identify which foods and supplements will be beneficial to your individual health and which will tend to harm you.

It has often been said that no two people are alike. A casual look at the people around you reveals a diversity of various sizes, shapes, personalities and levels of health. You are merely seeing the outward manifestations of internal chemical differences. In other words, the physical, mental and emotional qualities expressed by people are a reflection of their individual body chemistry. Different body chemistries mean different nutritional demands in order to maintain metabolic balance as well as the full expression of one’s potential.

But what exactly do we mean when we say your metabolism is out of balance? Well, we are talking about the five fundamental metabolic control systems that must function properly to keep you strong and healthy. These systems are anabolism and catabolism, electrolytes stress and electrolytes insufficiency, glucogenic and ketogenic metabolisms, sympathetic and parasympathetic stresses, and acidity and alkalinity.

These metabolic control systems determine how efficiently your body and mind work. They control your energy production; they control the function of your heart and circulation; they control the function of your brain and nervous system; they determine your efficiency of digestion and assimilation of nutrients; they control the chemical balancing in your blood and your cells; they help regulate your hormones; they help you efficiently eliminate toxic metabolic wastes; they support your immune system; and they minimize the degenerative changes associated with the ageing process.

In other words, these five fundamental metabolic control systems are engines that drive your body and mind. And when these engines are working efficiently, you can move through life with strength and vitality but when one or more of these control systems loses efficiency, your body and mind simply cannot perform at their best. When the metabolic imbalances are severe or have existed for a prolonged time, pathological changes occur and you will suffer the symptoms of the disease.

If you are interested in regaining your health and to enjoy vitality once again, please schedule a Lumi Test. Please check out the information on preparing for your Lumi Test with us!

Welcome to embark on a journey of holistic health!